Smart Tweezers ST-5S from Siborg Systems Inc.
Smart LED Test Tweezers

Smart LED Test Tweezers

Multi-function Test Tweezers for LEDs, Fuses, Shorts, Switches and More

Smart Tweezers ManualSmart LED Test Tweezers Manual

Testing Micro-Electronic Components

LED Test Tweezers connected to a multimeter

Smart LED Test Tweezers from Siborg Systems Inc. are a useful tool for testing LEDs, PCB circuitry, switches, fuses, shorts, etc. The device combines a multi-function tester with a sharp set of gold-plated phosphor bronze tweezers in a lightweight device. Smart LED Test Tweezers uses an output of 12 VDC with adjustable current ratings of 5 mA, 10 mA and 20 mA. The color coded arms of the device make deciding the polarity of a component simple with red for the anode (+) and gray for the cathode (-).

Using the included multimeter connector cable, Smart LED Test Tweezers can be connected to a multimeter and used as one-handed-use probes, leaving the other hand free for taking notes or other tasks. When in contact with a component, a light around the middle of the device is illuminated, with an optional internal buzzer that can be set to sound.

At only 50 grams and 15 cm long, the Smart LED Test Tweezers are a portable option for professionals that need an easy-to-use tester in the field. The device comes with a travel bag, LCR-meter connector cable, tweezer cap, and the 12 V 23 AE battery installed.

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everything that comes with the device
Product Specifications
Battery:23AE 12V
  1. LCR-meter connector cable
  2. Battery
  3. Bag
  4. Tweezer Cap
LED Testing:12VDC Output
20mA, 10mA, 5mA Adjustable current rating